Round table. Cluster projects financing tools

Subjects for discussion:

  1. Model of financial mechanism for cluster creation and operation, principles of building of the mechanism, specifics of interaction of its elements.

  2. Opportunities for consolidation of financial resources from every source; legal & regulation support to financial tools in terms of various formats of cluster development support (state-private partnership, regional development institutions, integrated corporate structures, technological platforms, “innovative lifts”, financing to “centres of competence”, investment cooperation projects in know-how transfer, industrial sub-contracting, completion of competence added value chains, etc.).



Oleg V.Fomichev, Secretary of state – Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation


Invited speakers:

  1. Galina S. Izotova*, Head of the Federal Corporation for Support to Small and Medium-size Business (possible replacement)

  2. Natalia I. Larionova*, Head of Department of Small & Medium Entrepreneurship Development and Competition of Ministry of Economic Development of Russia

  3. Rashid R. Ismailov* - Deputy Minister of Mass Communication of the Russian Federation

  4. Lyudmila M. Ogorodova* – Deputy Minister of Education and Science of the RF

  5. Sergei M. Kerber*, Head of Department of Investment Projects and Programs of Venture Investments Fund “Leader Innovations”

  6. Alexander V.Bazhenov*, General Director of General Centre of Project Financing

  7. Mikhail K. Afanasiev, Director of Front Office, MSP Bank, JSC

  8. Sergei A. Vologodsky, Deputy Director of Industry Development Fund

  9. Sergei G. Polyakov, General Director of the Fund of Support to Small Enterprises in R&D fields

  10. A.A.Tyupanov*, Chairman of the Board, General Director of Russian Agency Export Credit and Investment Insurance, JSC

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