Round table: Modern University as a centre of innovative cluster.

Subjects for discussion:

  1. University 3:0 Concept. University as a central link in innovative cluster. What these are the higher schools which have future?

  2. What should be a starting point in building an innovative ecosystem around a university?

  3. How important is correct culture inside universities for development of Russian innovative ecosystem?

  4. What should be culture like in the higher school to have innovations actively developing there?

  5. What and who are the drivers to change the culture into entrepreneurship- and innovation-oriented one?

  6. What bureaucracy barriers hinder development of innovative ecosystem?

  7. How to build an efficient system of cooperation between universities and business entities? What is expected from universities by industry?



Georgiy A.Gogolev, Head of Division of Innovative Ecosystem Development, RVK JSC


Invited speakers:

  1. Dmitriy S.Ivanov, DIrctor of Innovative Development, NPO Saturn, PJSC

  2. Igor V.Rozhdestvensky, MATI Rector

  3. Evgeniy B. Kuznetsov, Deputy General Director – Director of Project Office, RVK JSC

  4. Maxim Odnoblyudov – Director of the United Scientific & Technological Institution of St-Pb. GPU

  5. Nina O.Yanykina – Head of Department for Project and Innovative Activities, ITMO University

  6. Igor L. Seleznev – Director for Research Programs and Technology Transfer in the Centre of Entrepreneurship and Innovations, Skolkovo Institute of Science & Technology

  7. Elena N. Soboleva* - Director for Educational projects and programs, ROSNANO

  8. Evgeniy Pluzhnik, 1st Pro-rector of MTI

  9. Liana Kobzeva*, Deputy Director of Science & Education Centre “State Governance in Economy and Innovations”, INO-Tomsk Project Office

  10. Andrey B. Prokofiev, 1st Pro-rector in charge of Science and Innovations, Samara State Aerospace University


Representatives of the Universities community

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