Session – Cluster Standards. Methods to evaluate cluster management system. Cluster Excellence management system evaluation. Procedure efficiency.

Subjects for discussion:

1. Cluster standards and cluster management systems.

2. Certification acc. to Standard on cluster management system.

3. Cluster Excellence management system evaluation. Procedure efficiency.

• what is major difference of European system from the one developed in Russia?

• what actions were taken regarding the bottlenecks defined in the result of inspection?

• what has happened during the half a year after the Cluster Excellence check was done, in terms of positioning among the global cluster networks?



Ivan M. Bortnik, Deputy Executive Director of Association of Innovative Regions of Russia, Chairman of Supervisory Board of the Fund of Support to Small Enterprises in R&D fields

Artem E.Shadrin, Director of Department of Social Development and Innovations of Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation

Denis G.Tsukanov, Deputy Director of Department of Regional Industrial Policy of Ministry of Industry and Commerce of the Russian Federation


Invited speakers:

  1. V.Adaeva – Deputy Corporate Director of ASI

  2. P.Rudnik, Head of Innovative Development Division in Department of Science, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship of Moscow

  3. A. Alekhnovich, Head of Expert Centre under the Plenipotentiary of the President of the Russian Federation on protection of entrepreneurs’ rights, Executive Director of Autonomous Non-profit Organization “Centre of Public Procedures – New Industrialization”

  4. E. Kutsenko – Gead of Cluster Policy Department in Institute of Statistic research in Economy, Higher Economic School

  5. S.Kornilov – Director of autonomous non-profit organization “Cluster engineering Centre of Samara Region"

  6. A. Gataullin.- Director of autonomous non-profit organization CRC

  7. I.Novikova – Deputy General Director of Agency of Innovative Development – Centre of Cluster Development of Kaluga Region, JSC

  8. G.Malyazina – Head of Financing and Analysis Department of Kama Innovative Territorial Production Cluster

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