Strategic Session. Engineering in Clusters

Subjects for discussion:

1. Experience and best practices in implementation of engineering projects and engineering infrastructure building projects in pilot innovative clusters.

2. Results of operation of the established engineering infrastructure in the pilot innovative clusters.

3. Role and place of Regional engineering centres in implementation of innovative clusters development programs.

4. Procedures to get support from Regional engineering centres and from engineering infrastructure in the clusters.

5. Proposals on improving efficiency of engineering centres’ activities in the clusters.

6. Matters of import replacement in maintenance of engineering infrastructure and provision of engineering centres’ activities.

7. Inter-cluster cooperation of engineering centres.

8. Measures of state support to engineering and engineering projects.

9. Provision of HR requirements to support engineering infrastructure.



Natalia L.Kirillova, Chairman of Industrial Engineering Department, FMoS “ Business Russia”, Chairman of Presidium of International Centre of Engineering and Innovations


Invited speakers:

1. N.V.Ryazantseva, Deputy Chairman of the Government of Samara Territory, Head of Engineering Committee of AIRR.

2. S.K.Kolpakov, General Director of Inter-Agency Analytical Centre, JSC

3. R.R. Ramazanov, General Director of Regional Engineering Centre of Chemical Technologies, PJSC

4. Oleg L. Gritsay, Director of A.N.Lodygin’s R&D Centre, Republic of Mordovia.

5. T.P.Vyugina, Executive Director of non-profit partnership International Centre of Engineering and Innovations.

6. E.B.Nikonova, Deputy Executive Director of non-profit partnership International Centre of Engineering and Innovations.

7. A.A.Mironov, Leader of regional Engineering Centre of CIK SO of SAU

8. S.S. Kornilov, Director of KIC R&D Centre

9. A.A.Batrakov, Executive Director of PKPO


Representatives of Engineering Centres of territorial innovative clusters

Representatives of Regional engineering centres

Representatives of clusters

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