Free visits to exhibition sites will be organized especially for guests of the IXth Samara Economic Forum. You can choose one or more tours during registration at our website.

Visit to Museum of JSC AVTOVAZ

17.09.2015, 16:00

Exhibition hall of the museum occupies 900 sq. meters. The exhibition includes all models of cars which have ever been made by AVTOVAZ, including their versions, and developments for the future. 


Tour to JSC AVTOVAZ including visit to B0 Production lines and Kalina Shops.

17.09.2015, 16:00

B0 Production is the first large-scale joint project of AVTOVAZ and Renault-Nissan Alliance having production capacities of up to 350 thousand cars per year. Cars produced here are LADA Largus (5- and 7-seater) and cars under Nissan and Renault brands.

Kalina Shops are called “Robot Garden” by the employees. Around 350 robots of two types are operated there: welding and handling robots. The lines are adjusted according to 3D models developed in the course of LADA KALINA manufacture engineering.


Visit to the Technical History Museum Park named after K.G.Sakharov

17.09.2015, 18:00
18.09.2015, 18:00

The K.G.Sakharov’s Museum Park founded in 2001 represents one of the attraction sights of Togliatti. The area of 38 hectares contains more than 450 technical exhibits: aircrafts, aerospace devices, railroad machines, road vehicles, armored vehicles, agricultural machines, missiles, artillery ordnances and naval weapons. Large SOM B-307 Diesel-electric submarine of the Russian Navy of 641B model is a real adornment of the museum’s collection.