• Dear Colleagues,

    I am pleased to welcome organizers, participants and guests of the IXth Samara Inter-Regional Economic Forum Cluster PolicyBasis for Innovative Development of National Economy.

    The tool of state support of innovative territorial clusters in Russia, which has been working for three years already, demonstrates its importance for implementation of cluster projects and initiatives. Active steps taken by industrial clusters in the modern environment are intended to facilitate solving of tasks of import replacement with competitive domestic products.

    The process of implementation of the cluster approach is growing wider and wider year by year in various entities of the Russian Federation. Samara region is deservedly considered to be one of the pioneers in the area of practical implementation of the regional development tools based on cluster initiatives.

    The Forum has proved to be an efficient site for constructive dialog between representatives of the authorities, business and science on various issues of actual realization of cluster policy.

    It’s extremely important that the activities by all business players should be aimed at achieving the goals of national welfare. In this respect, the cluster institutions should have their special place and active position as the points of localization of technological and innovative competences, industrial resources and highly skilled personnel.

    I wish to all participants of the Forum to have fruitful cooperation, successful work and implementation of all their new and ambitious projects!

    A.V. Ulyukaev

    Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation

  • Dear participants of the Forum, citizens and guests of Samara region,

    Today it can be stated with confidence that the cluster approach has won its one of the most important positions in the advanced innovative development of the region. Development of Russian innovative territorial clusters and cluster policy in Russia in general has been raised to a new step of evaluation. Important contribution to acceleration of these processes is made by President of the Russian Federation, Government of the Russian Federation and Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation who added substantial momentum to the processes.

    Steps taken by regions in this respect, integration of efforts made by authorities, large and small business and research centres in the clusters and growing spread of the cluster initiatives result in positive trends of evolution of not only the innovative territorial clusters themselves and individual fields of industry but also cluster-oriented economies of the regions in general.

    In such environment the innovative territorial clusters must become central points for import replacement and competitiveness.

    To reach even more remarkable results, we need to improve contentiously, to search for new forms of clusters development to match particular goals and demands of their members.

    It’s extremely important for business to understand completely all the benefits of the joint work, efficiency of the cluster approach allowing implementing the bravest ideas and carrying-out the boldest innovative projects.

    I wish new business contacts, successful search for right development benchmarks and fruitful cooperation to participants, organizers and guests of the forum!

    Merkushkin N.I.

    Governor of Samara Region

  • Dear organizers, participants and guests of the IXth Samara Inter-Regional Economic Forum Cluster Policy – Basis for Innovative Development of National Economy,

    Let me welcome you at the IXth Samara Inter-Regional Economic Forum Cluster Policy – Basis for Innovative Development of National Economy on behalf of Ministry of Industry and Commerce of the Russian Federation.

    Development of clusters stimulates improvement of labour efficiency, strengthening of production cooperation and creation of new jobs; it facilitates growth of territories' potential and establishment of competitive advantages and unique brand of the region. Specific feature of cluster approach towards development of the territory is that the goals of the territory's development are set up in comprehensive and systematic way and synergetic effect from implementation of regional development tools are reinforced.

    Ministry of Industry and Commerce of the Russian Federation takes steps to elaborate a set of measures to support territorial clusters development, considering specific strategic importance of the new trend in the cluster policy. In particular, we should mention the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 779 of July 31, 2015 "On Industrial Clusters and Specialized Organizations of the Industrial Clusters" prepared by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce of the Russian Federation, which allows for implementing the incentive measures aimed at development of industrial clusters to make the clusters more attractive for investment project realization.

    I am sure that the work of the Forum will become an efficient business site for all its participants and guests to discuss extremely important issues of the cluster policy development and to exchange practices and new ideas.

    I wish fruitful work and successful solving of the set tasks to all participants of the Forum.

    G.S. Nikitin

    1st Deputy Minister

  • Dear Colleagues,

    On behalf of the Forum’s organizers, I am pleased to welcome participants and partners of the IXth Samara Inter-Regional Economic Forum Cluster PolicyBasis for Innovative Development of National Economy!

    It became a good tradition for Samara region to be a host of the Forum, which is indication of high demand for using the cluster approach as a driver for development of economies.

    We can confidently state that the whole necessary infrastructure has been actually created by today to support innovative territorial clusters as a vehicle of economic growth acceleration based on synergetic effect resulted from combined competences of the clusters’ members.

    The Forum’s goal this year is to elaborate spot-type recommendations for the authorities and for business on how to develop clusters in efficient way, which forms of support are most needed and requested by their members, how to use the benefits of consolidation into clusters to develop and to reach new levels of technologies and management.

    Implementation of cluster initiatives must become a catalyst for growing entrepreneurship providing opportunities to small and medium-size businesses to utilize the clusters as the most efficient and simple tool of their integration into supply chains of large companies.

    I wish good luck, new solutions and fruitful work to each participant!

    Kobenko A.V.

    Vice-Governor, Minister of Economic Development, Investments and Commerce of Samara Region